We Call It Healthseeking Behavior.

The sad truth is this, people of my kind usually waits till the severity of a certain disease inflict them so hard that they seek medical attention.

Yes. It is the saddest truth here in the Philippines, its a sad truth here in our province how much more in those far flung hard to reach areas?!

I just got home from work, and we were just done with dinner when a neighbor came by our house and asked me to check the blood pressure of his mother.

As a nurse, a medical professional, and a health advocate it would not be appropriate to refuse a task you ought to do. So I gave him a nod and followed him to their house.

His mother apparently, experienced dizziness about 4:00 this afternoon. Her Blood pressure was checked about 5:00pm and was 150/90mmHg. They self-prescribed her with Catapress 75mg and an hour later Neobloc 50mg.

I was dismayed with the turn of events. Its a common practice here, if Im taking this medication and it feels fine then I can freely suggest it to another, especially a family member. No! everything is wrong.

In my head things were running like, why have you not gone to a hospital instead and see a physician. why self-medicate? Why wait till its 7:00 to have me checked on her when our neighborhood is not distant from a hospital. With a BP like that?

But as always, we are grace under pressure so I greeted her and asked her how she’s feeling. She was lying on the bed and said that she feels a little bit better than before. Okay, so her self prescribed medications helped her somehow. And when I checked her BP, 130/80mmhg. So no harm done. The medications were right. They managed to lower her rising BP after all.

So whats my point anyway?

Its that healthseeking behavior. Its so hard to find it here! Only a few bears this behavior.

Why do most of my kind seem to be afraid of seeing a physician? Why do we wait till a disease cripple us up until we seek medical attention?

Health is a basic right. we should all be well. But we must make efforts to be well. We should seek health and wellness all the time, not until it’s too late for us to try!


2 comments on “We Call It Healthseeking Behavior.

  1. beingwoke says:

    We have that within my community too. We believe the answer to all illness is paracetamol and rarely go to the doctor.
    Part of the problem may be the doctors themselves not being very helpful for things like headache or things they do not think is a big issue.

    • alidoree says:

      I agree. I believe that somehow part of the problem is in us healthcare providers. If proper information is imparted to all, i guess it will be different. Thank you for the comment. 🙂

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