Vladimir’s Curse

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.”

And so I woke up in a hospital bed with an intravenous infusion attached to me. In what hospital am I in? Where was I? What happened to me?. I looked around. I’ve got no glasses on but I feel like I don’t need them anymore. But I still need it because without my glasses I feel like I’m a different person. I looked around again and this time I tried to scrutinize the things inside the room. It’s a small room. It has a small and noisy air conditioner above where my head lie. In my right was a small door probably the CR. Directly in front of my bed was a small television and perpendicular to it lay a small couch where my father’s jacket was. Where are they anyway? I’ve got so many questions in my head! I seem to not remember what had happened but this could not be amnesia because I still know who I was, who my parents are, and every detail I force to remember, but not last night.

My head was hurting.

Then the door just beside the couch swung open and my parents came all the way in with their bright smiles at me.

“Thank God you’re awake!” My father said.

“It has been three days since the accident and finally you’re awake.” Mother added.

“Wait, what?! I was on an accident?!” I blurted out. “What sort of accident? Why? Where? How!?” I wish I could watched what happened, like watching a movie at the back of my head. But there was really nothing. It was a blank space!

“Now, now. Calm down dear. I’m sure you are trying to remember what happened but don’t go hard on yourself.” Mother said who instantly came very close to my bed and grabbed my hand to comfort me. ” You were in a van that got tossed out on a cliff. The cliff was quite steep but amazingly nobody was dead. Only others had some serious fractures and the rest was a miracle. Everybody was amazed how you managed to attend to every passenger who was with you immediately after the accident. They told us that they were really thankful that you and the boy who was discharged last night on the other room were there to ease things up and you know to mend their wounds immediately. Everybody knows you now as the nurse who tried to save everyone. Thanks to you nobody got a serious hemorrhage or God knows what. Every family of those who were on the accident gave us donations to pay for the hospital bills. You haven’t waken up since today, and the doctor said that we were just to wait till you woke because they haven’t seen anything serious on you. They said that it was amazing how you and that other boy, Vladimir, were only left with minor scratches and wounds which were not fatal. Except for those two pinpoint marks on your neck which the doctors find odd. But all the rest we were just waiting for you to wake up. I will have to go and fetch the doctor or whoever is in the station so that we can work on your early discharge. You know hospitals make me feel sick. ”

My head was still hurting from trying to remember what really happened. I guess, I somehow left home because I was needing my license to be renewed. But that was all there is.

The following morning was a relief. Dr. Angelica came by and checked everything. She said we could go home now. There was really nothing serious though she referred me to a psychiatrist to work with debriefing to prevent post traumatic disorder or whatever.

I was discharged. My father insisted that before leaving the hospital I should go visit and say our goodbyes to the other passengers. So I went with him to every room where they were staying. I went to a man with a cast. To the one with bandages, and so on. Nobody was familiar but they keep on thanking me. I always nodded and smiled and told them to be all right and lastly goodbye because we were to leave hospital soon. I somehow wished that I could stay a little longer and asked them what happened and all but I guess I will be giving them a hard time to reminisce the whole event

So there It was, goodbye but still with confusion lingering within me.

We left Mother Of Mercy Hospital while the sun was scorching hot. It is July but seasons are changing here, it is now a hot July not like before, when July comes so is rain. Did i say that It was terribly hot and felt like I can’t bear the heat and the glare! God! The glasses might be killing me, I really can’t stand the glare.

Our small town was a 4 hour land trip from the city. During the trip my parents tried to point where exactly was the cliff that we had our accident. But I really was not minding because of the sun. It was really hurting my eye. Or was it really my eye? Nevertheless, I tried to have a conversation with them till we arrive at our home.

Nothing really feels like home! The smell, the sound, the air, everything!

I hurriedly went to Robyn, my goldfish and gave her some pellets. My parents were away for three days, so she must have been very hungry.

I went to my room and lay on the bed. I missed it. Then I slowly dozed off.

I woke up almost around midnight. I wasn’t feeling hungry which was odd, because I always feel it every time. haha! It was dark but I can see the light from the outside post. Then a voice spoke, the sound of a man.

“I came to say sorry to what I did to you. But that was the best thing I could do. People there were dying. the accident was fatal and you too were bleeding to death. I sensed you were from the healing people because you attended to the person injured right next to you. I’m really not the type of healer, I even find it hard to heal myself. I’m more of a harsh form of creature. I can give you the best and the worst pain there is without even touching me. So compassion is really not my type but immediately after the crash I know I needed you to save those other passengers. You were dying anyway. I gave you your second life, hence the scar on your neck. You saved the passengers on the accident, but I saved you! Having said that, I apologize because you no longer belong to this world. You are among us now. By the way, you should meet my sister Ann, you two will get along fine. You might even fall in love with her! Just be careful. I will tag her along with me the next time I come here. But for now I have to go. I have to face the Highness and explain to her what really happened. For now let me tell you this, you are no longer human. Vladimir by the way, nice meeting you!”

Was this a dream? I did not see him exactly but I think he was really inside the room. I pinched myself, I felt it. No I’m awake! Am I? I closed my eyes again.

Then I heard the alarm. The sun was up again and I was hating the glare for the second time. ugh! That was intense nightmare! Good it was over! Its time for work again.

Then I saw it, the pinpoint scar on my neck.


2 comments on “Vladimir’s Curse

  1. Arti Tyagi says:

    I love anything even distantly related to Vampires or the supernatural! That fact aside, your story is really great, you know ‘binds the readers till the end’!

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