A Challenging Endeavor

Long before I was still studying nursing, it was my biggest dream to organize a medical mission to my hometown. Healthcare and Health is just a second priority here because Health and Wellness is just for some who can afford them. Having a mission somehow can alleviate if not totally, some of the health issues we are trying to battle. Missions are free so people could be consulted without those overly charged fees we pay on hospital bills or clinics. So somehow I imagined myself to organize one. I just don’t know how.

Then years have passed and an opportunity came.

I grabbed it.

Then it is finally being realized and is now becoming a reality. Few more days and my dream wont be a distant dream anymore but a reality. I am overworked. Stressed. I am even doubting my capabilities now that it is finally fast approaching.

But dear Lord, please. I know you gave me that dream because you believed in me. Please give me that courage to push through amidst the obstacles that I will be facing. I know I’m just stressing out but shun the negativity and doubts away please.

I’m very much hopeful for a successful one, and I know I can do it with You.


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