Ang Dagat ay para sa Lahat: an open letter to the surfers who have always, always known better


My phone has been beeping for hours now as social media notifications come flocking in every ten minutes or so. Facebook private messages come pouring in at a rate comparable to when people flood your news feed on special occasions. But today is no special occasion, and no sweet messages are sent; these are personal hate messages and raging comments related to one remark I made about the thin line between sustainable tourism and people’s greed.

Apparently, when you voice out your opinion, you become a disrespectful **sh*le. You question their intent, they tell you to f*ck off. You tell them to show some humility, they humiliate you. You show your support to boost the local economy, they start acting out. I guess most people are better off not caring. But I am not most people, and I actually care about actual issues.

Three days ago, a friend sent me…

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