So have you ever been in the dark for such a long period of time? Have you ever felt fear, despair and dread? Do you feel so alone and out of place at the same time?
The dark and I have met, but it was not the way I perceived darkness. It was the other way around.
You see, the dark isnt so bad after all.

In the dark I felt a sense of calmness and serenity. It moved me to pray, and when you pour your soul out you will be freed from the burdens of your heart and the clouds over your head.

Lately things were hard on me and acceptance to reality was far to my reaching. I felt that somehow I was a lost wandering soul.
A living but without a heart.

Yes, in the darkness have I seek what I was yearning. I was looking for an immense sense of purpose. The purpose which became weak inside me, it was beginning to fade and if I was too late then envy could have engulfed me.

What then is purpose?

It is a burning sense of reality, a vision, a hope. It makes you- you! It drives you, propels you and keeps you going. It is your underlying reason for existence. You exist because of your purpose. It can be a vocation. It can be a profession. It can be both!

You live your life the way you envision your purpose. Some has a great sense of it. Others are fading. Some, because of greed have turned corrupted and wicked.
There are also others who are still lost without a purpose, but there are also many others who are chasing and still looking for that purpose.

Have you met yours?
Take it from me, you might find it in the darkness.


One comment on “THE DARKNESS

  1. Personally, I’ve always thought of darkness and silence as peaceful- a velvety, enveloping blackness.

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