Batch 2007 Celebrates A Decade

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.”– Mother Teresa.

Anniversaries are celebrations. They mark a special event in somebody’s life. As for our batch, Batch 2007 of ESNCHS we marked our 10th year anniversary this year, so it has been 10 years since we left high school and embarked on our individual and varied career paths. So this might call for a celebration right?

As we celebrate ten years of friendship and camaraderie, we took a step higher and organized a mission, Operation Tuli, last April 29, 2017 at Barangay Surok, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines. To address the health needs of our community we opted to push for this project, giving free circumcision services to some of the kids and providing them with free medicines and vitamins.

So let me first enumerate some of the benefits of circumcision. According to WebMD circumcision decreases the risks of Urinary tract infections, reduces the risks of some sexually transmitted diseases in men, protects men from penile cancer, reduces the risks of cervical cancer in female sex partners, and prevents balanitis or infection of the glans and balanoposthitis or inflammation of the glans and foreskin.

With 11 volunteers from the organizing batch, together with the barangay health workers and barangay officials, the event proved to be a success, with a total of 35 kids successfully circumcised and 8 who were deferred. Simultaneously health teachings were also imparted every after operation which included topics about hygiene, sanitation, and compliance to medications. Free medicines were also given along with some vitamins and ice cream.

So in behalf of the organizing team I am very much thankful to the people who one way or another was vital to the success of our batch project. To all the donors and sponsors, to the barangay officials headed by the barangay captain, to the health workers and of course to the volunteers and the team, we really need more people like you. If we continue to help others, then there is still hope that we can still make this world a better place.

So let me quote what Thomas Carlyle said, “He who has health has hope, and He who has hope has everything”!


The Generics Pharmacy Borongan Held Its First Free Medical Consultation

“Ill-health of body or of mind, is defeat. Health alone is victory. Let all men, if they can manage it, contrive to be healthy!” -Thomas Carlyle

As part of The Generics Pharmacy’s mission of addressing the health needs of the people by providing a complete range of quality generic medicines and healthcare products and services, The Generics Pharmacy- Borongan in partnership with Sandoz Philippines, and with the cooperation of AKMA-RESBAK, a non-profit organization, conducted a free medical consultation held last August 22, 2015 at the Borongan City Hall lobby.

As part of TGP- Borongan’s 7th year anniversary celebration and its advocacy on health and healthcare, the free medical consultation was made to reality. This of course addresses the ever-growing need of accessible and affordable health services for the City of Borongan.




A total of 85 patients were consulted, mostly were from Borongan and a few from nearby towns.

The health care team on the other hand consisted of five doctors and six allied health professionals from AKMA-RESBAK, two student volunteers and TGP- Borongan staff.

The event started at around 9 o’ clock in the morning until 3 o’ clock in the afternoon.

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Simultaneously, while patients were waiting for their turn for consultation, health education was being imparted. Important topics about medication compliance, antimicrobial resistance, and facts about generic medicines were taught. Videos about health, exercise and sanitation were also presented.

20150822_093933 20150822_093919 20150822_093807 20150822_095151

The event proved to be a success, owing it to the people who extended their talent, knowledge, expertise and effort. To Atty. May Mercado-Bacsal, TGP- Borongan franchisee, who made it sure that the event will become a reality. To AKMA-RESBAK who actively participated and made the event into existence, the world needs more people like you who puts the welfare of humanity first even to the expense of self comfort. And to the undying love of TGP- Borongan’s staff to the people and  for putting health first above anything else.

11911456_10205109251391116_562631999_n(The Team after the event. Photo courtesy of Bunny.)

It’s moments like these that we realize the true meaning of advocacy. If people cared for one another more often, then the world will be a better one. If we value our health more than anything then the people around us becomes healthier too.

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”-Arabian Proverb.

A Challenging Endeavor

Long before I was still studying nursing, it was my biggest dream to organize a medical mission to my hometown. Healthcare and Health is just a second priority here because Health and Wellness is just for some who can afford them. Having a mission somehow can alleviate if not totally, some of the health issues we are trying to battle. Missions are free so people could be consulted without those overly charged fees we pay on hospital bills or clinics. So somehow I imagined myself to organize one. I just don’t know how.

Then years have passed and an opportunity came.

I grabbed it.

Then it is finally being realized and is now becoming a reality. Few more days and my dream wont be a distant dream anymore but a reality. I am overworked. Stressed. I am even doubting my capabilities now that it is finally fast approaching.

But dear Lord, please. I know you gave me that dream because you believed in me. Please give me that courage to push through amidst the obstacles that I will be facing. I know I’m just stressing out but shun the negativity and doubts away please.

I’m very much hopeful for a successful one, and I know I can do it with You.

We Call It Healthseeking Behavior.

The sad truth is this, people of my kind usually waits till the severity of a certain disease inflict them so hard that they seek medical attention.

Yes. It is the saddest truth here in the Philippines, its a sad truth here in our province how much more in those far flung hard to reach areas?!

I just got home from work, and we were just done with dinner when a neighbor came by our house and asked me to check the blood pressure of his mother.

As a nurse, a medical professional, and a health advocate it would not be appropriate to refuse a task you ought to do. So I gave him a nod and followed him to their house.

His mother apparently, experienced dizziness about 4:00 this afternoon. Her Blood pressure was checked about 5:00pm and was 150/90mmHg. They self-prescribed her with Catapress 75mg and an hour later Neobloc 50mg.

I was dismayed with the turn of events. Its a common practice here, if Im taking this medication and it feels fine then I can freely suggest it to another, especially a family member. No! everything is wrong.

In my head things were running like, why have you not gone to a hospital instead and see a physician. why self-medicate? Why wait till its 7:00 to have me checked on her when our neighborhood is not distant from a hospital. With a BP like that?

But as always, we are grace under pressure so I greeted her and asked her how she’s feeling. She was lying on the bed and said that she feels a little bit better than before. Okay, so her self prescribed medications helped her somehow. And when I checked her BP, 130/80mmhg. So no harm done. The medications were right. They managed to lower her rising BP after all.

So whats my point anyway?

Its that healthseeking behavior. Its so hard to find it here! Only a few bears this behavior.

Why do most of my kind seem to be afraid of seeing a physician? Why do we wait till a disease cripple us up until we seek medical attention?

Health is a basic right. we should all be well. But we must make efforts to be well. We should seek health and wellness all the time, not until it’s too late for us to try!

Who am I and Why am I really Here?

I’m Rey Aves Alido and I think I’ve got the shortest name ever. I often find myself insecure to those with long names that usually consists a first name and a second name. So much for that! I’m a registered nurse here in the Philippines but I work on a pharmacy, as a pharmacy assistant. I’m one of the many nurses here that are not working as nurses, but nonetheless I still am a considerable part of the health care team.
So as a healthcare professional I should then write about health and wellness, how to promote it, how to combat diseases, our life as professional health workers, etc. But I fall short on doing so. My previous blog posts never talks about health. haha! I must be very confused. Maybe I will be writing topics that will really matter to me. So for the moment, I’m still unsure if it will really be confined on a singular topic alone.
Why am I blogging publicly and why I’m here really, is for me to enhance my ability, if I really have one. I’m still doubtful on that! (Hahahah! )And I needed something to vent out my feelings of extremes and writing is very good deal for it.
If my blog will be successful next year and the years to come I hope to accomplish a sense of fulfillment!I hope to read one of my blog on a magazine or a newspaper or that kind of sort. Well anyway I’m very much hoping to enjoy all the way through.