So have you ever been in the dark for such a long period of time? Have you ever felt fear, despair and dread? Do you feel so alone and out of place at the same time?
The dark and I have met, but it was not the way I perceived darkness. It was the other way around.
You see, the dark isnt so bad after all.

In the dark I felt a sense of calmness and serenity. It moved me to pray, and when you pour your soul out you will be freed from the burdens of your heart and the clouds over your head.

Lately things were hard on me and acceptance to reality was far to my reaching. I felt that somehow I was a lost wandering soul.
A living but without a heart.

Yes, in the darkness have I seek what I was yearning. I was looking for an immense sense of purpose. The purpose which became weak inside me, it was beginning to fade and if I was too late then envy could have engulfed me.

What then is purpose?

It is a burning sense of reality, a vision, a hope. It makes you- you! It drives you, propels you and keeps you going. It is your underlying reason for existence. You exist because of your purpose. It can be a vocation. It can be a profession. It can be both!

You live your life the way you envision your purpose. Some has a great sense of it. Others are fading. Some, because of greed have turned corrupted and wicked.
There are also others who are still lost without a purpose, but there are also many others who are chasing and still looking for that purpose.

Have you met yours?
Take it from me, you might find it in the darkness.


The Generics Pharmacy Borongan Held Its First Free Medical Consultation

“Ill-health of body or of mind, is defeat. Health alone is victory. Let all men, if they can manage it, contrive to be healthy!” -Thomas Carlyle

As part of The Generics Pharmacy’s mission of addressing the health needs of the people by providing a complete range of quality generic medicines and healthcare products and services, The Generics Pharmacy- Borongan in partnership with Sandoz Philippines, and with the cooperation of AKMA-RESBAK, a non-profit organization, conducted a free medical consultation held last August 22, 2015 at the Borongan City Hall lobby.

As part of TGP- Borongan’s 7th year anniversary celebration and its advocacy on health and healthcare, the free medical consultation was made to reality. This of course addresses the ever-growing need of accessible and affordable health services for the City of Borongan.




A total of 85 patients were consulted, mostly were from Borongan and a few from nearby towns.

The health care team on the other hand consisted of five doctors and six allied health professionals from AKMA-RESBAK, two student volunteers and TGP- Borongan staff.

The event started at around 9 o’ clock in the morning until 3 o’ clock in the afternoon.

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Simultaneously, while patients were waiting for their turn for consultation, health education was being imparted. Important topics about medication compliance, antimicrobial resistance, and facts about generic medicines were taught. Videos about health, exercise and sanitation were also presented.

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The event proved to be a success, owing it to the people who extended their talent, knowledge, expertise and effort. To Atty. May Mercado-Bacsal, TGP- Borongan franchisee, who made it sure that the event will become a reality. To AKMA-RESBAK who actively participated and made the event into existence, the world needs more people like you who puts the welfare of humanity first even to the expense of self comfort. And to the undying love of TGP- Borongan’s staff to the people and  for putting health first above anything else.

11911456_10205109251391116_562631999_n(The Team after the event. Photo courtesy of Bunny.)

It’s moments like these that we realize the true meaning of advocacy. If people cared for one another more often, then the world will be a better one. If we value our health more than anything then the people around us becomes healthier too.

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”-Arabian Proverb.

The Courageous over The Doubter.

What must we follow, the orders of our mind or the calling of our heart? Intellectuals would prefer to follow what their brain is telling them, while compassionate individuals tend to follow the plea of their hearts. But what should we consider the heart that pleads or the brain that controls? Technically, the two are, inseparable, they co-exist with each other. The heart providing blood to the brain and the brain regulating the function of the heart in return. In scientific sense, the brain is the central controlling unit and the heart is just a muscle that supplies and regulates the flow of blood in our system. Without the brain, we die. Without the heart we perish! So who do we consider? Is it Mr. Brain or Mr. Heart?

People; tend to reason out that we should follow the mind, for God put it above the heart. But have we considered the fact that the heart was put in its place to be protected? Yes, I also believed in that before, we should follow the mind because it’s above, it’s the master, it controls! But a simple song, struck me so badly, that I reconsidered what I believed in. The song says, “Sometimes you wanna run away, Aint got no patience for the pain, and if you don’t believe you look into your heart the beat goes on.”

A simple question came running through my mind, who among the brain and the heart easily gives up? -the brain. It is our brain, telling us to give up when we are in the midst of obstacles. It is the brain that questions “are we going to overcome this seemingly insurmountable problem?” It is the brain that doubts, it doubts what are we capable of. It is the brain that easily gives up! And what does our heart do? It still pumps blood. It still beats reminding us, that, “hey! We are still functioning, the other parts of your body, so, you’re still alive! C’mon why don’t you try overcoming your obstacles when you still can?” And that is the time when your brain reconsiders everything, “the heart tells me I’m still alive, I still can!” But most often than not, people give into what the doubting brain tells them.

I think we should start reconsidering, what must we follow, is it the doubting brain or the courageous heart? I’m not saying to follow your heart all the time, or your brain all the time also, but we should weigh and reconsider.

It is one of the many mysteries we can’t even decipher, we don’t know why God put our brains above our hearts and why God positioned our hearts in its rightful place. It is a mystery whether to follow the controlling and the doubting brain or the will of a courageous heart. It is for you to reconsider…