Searching for That One Great Book

I never considered myself a bookworm. I haven’t read many books. But I considered reading as a form of life. A satisfaction.

I’ve read Charlotte’s web early on childhood, and The Harry Potter series never fail to fascinate me. I find Chronicles of Narnia series amazing. And Mitch Albom’s For One More Day left me crying a river. That was to mention a few.

This past few years after reading The witch Of Portobello, I haven’t set my hands on another book. It was like a year ago. Then suddenly I felt like I wasn’t living anymore. I could have died because of a monotonous life. I never really loved travelling. I’m not a fan of escapades, trekking, hiking and the likes. But it hit me! like a scorching fire on my face! I’m no longer living! I need to have a life.

So the time has come for me to buy new books. To explore and exploit a figment of imagination of a certain person. I need to explore new horizons through reading. And I’m gonna do that by leaving home in search for that one great book.

Yes the time has come to live again! 🙂


My View On Equality

Often do we hear the words, “Life is unfair.” People always mock the life they have when situation gets worst, when the turn of events isn’t the way we want it to be, when things go wrong, when obstacles seem insurmountable, and when we desire things which we know we could not have. But we seem to forget that GOD created the whole universe in utmost fairness and equality. Little do we realize that GOD created things for the better, not for the worst, that GOD is a fair GOD, that He created everyone equally!
Is it fair that other people are spending more just for their self-gratification, while others are scampering hard just to have a single meal for a day? Is it fair that some selfish government officials get the life they have ever imagined while most of their dominions are suffering? Is it fair that some are better in Mathematics while others are totally a wrath for Math? Is it fair that others seem to be good at everything while you are good in doing almost nothing? Is it??
It is.
You may be financially unstable right now, but at least you have your family and friends, the greatest possession you can ever have! You may not own a lot of material wealth but you own a lot of hearts, to love you, guide you and protect you. The rich might have it all, but do they have a family that sticks complete together? Do they have friends that support them through thick and thin? Do they ever feel contented? The government officials might have everything they ever wanted but do they ever feel complete? You may not be good at something but there are other aspects you can focus upon. You are good at something somehow! A Mathematician is created a mathematician not a linguist! Same is true with an artist, he is created an artist not a singer. So quit mocking the life you have and avoid being envious, for it leads to bitterness. Instead start thanking GOD for what you do have. You possess a great and unique ability designed specially within you. God created you to become a Somebody for his glory not just a someone!
Life is fair, and the whole universe rests in equality. If today you are picking up the grapes, tomorrow you’ll be drinking the wine…

On Friends and Alcohol

I don’t  know but I’m a health advocate and I should be the one promoting wellness. But when it comes to alcohol its a different kind of story. Yes there are some disadvantages that alcohol can offer. It can add up to your caloric intake. It can give you the high risk of having a heart attack and stroke. It can lead you to have an elevated serum cholesterol and all that. But a weekend without it is as dry as the Sahara can offer.

I’m not saying to be an alcoholic, what I’m saying is that sometimes you just have to get loose. When you’re with your friends offer yourself wholeheartedly!. It’s with alcohol that you can do just the thing. I’m not saying that you consume what is beyond your limits. All I’m saying is that let loose of yourself and break free.

It’s with alcohol that friends open up a whole bunch of emotions waiting for you to be heard. It’s with alcohol that you can truly give yourself to another. Yes, you could at least have a coffee and talk things over, but alcohol gives you a different thing. It will surely limit your inhibitions.

It’s with alcohol that will give a different kind of thing to what you are talking about. I don’t know if I’m drunk or what, but for me with alcohol I gained a whole bunch of friends. But be sure to know your limits! Intoxication kills! If when used properly it can be a thing for peace! 🙂

My View about Colonial Mentality Six Years Ago

Colonial mentality is commonly a trait that most Filipinos of today possess. This trait or mentality as what its’ name implies, is the admiration and adoration of foreign products instead of the products of our own. This however, does not merely rest on adoring and admiring foreign products but rather it is accepting foreign conducts, beliefs, manner of speaking or anything under the sun as long as it is foreign. Some people may view it as a trait that needs to be removed from our system, or some others, really does not care about it anyway.
Either you care about this or not, my view upon this matter rests on one single fact, a fact that every one of us can see, can feel, and can experience. And what is this vital fact? – The fact that our own beloved Philippines is slowly dying. The decline of our economy, the inevitable crimes happening all over the country, the constant migration of workers abroad and the occurrences that justifies the mere fact. That is why we can’t blame most of the Filipinos of today, for having this kind of mentality. It is just a scapegoat! It is just a means of escaping the reality that we are living in the Philippines as Filipinos.
I really hate it when I get the chance of glancing at the television and in it show a Tagalog movie, a show, news or any of that sort. I hate reading Tagalog novels whether fictional or the other. I hate listening to local music. It is all boring!! I readily puke at these things! I hate them. But honestly not because they are all boring that I seem to hate them, it’s because seeing them, hearing them, feeling them makes me feel I’m a Filipino or better yet, it makes me realize I’m a Filipino! Not that I hate being a Filipino for some Filipinos are still worthy of praise for their incredible feats of ingenuity and talents that i daresay, can readily compete globally, but these are not enough to cover all the wrongdoings and the standard foolishness.
I am a Filipino that I shared the pangs of shame when our country ran the second most corrupt nation around the globe! I am a Filipino that I am dismayed for the hiking increase of crime rates to a paramount though we are stupidly proud that we are the single-most Christian nation in Asia! I am a Filipino that I am broken to pieces seeing our country suffer the blows of poverty, running the second most country among the poor around the world, if I’m not mistaken. Aha. Really, God is all fair enough that everything is in balance, in harmony! A perfect nation inhabited by law-breaking scoundrels and selfish baboons!
Now, you can’t blame me for loving the foreign acts, the foreign movies, the foreign stuffs, the foreign news, all everything foreign! For I hate to see the Philippines suffering. For some time I just want to escape a few minutes, an hour, or a day to another country, just to experience the taste of difference between here and there.  But in some point, I still believe that hope lies in our future! The unborn babies of the modern Philippines, they may bring harmony and restoration of laws that our forefathers made-forth for us. That is why I am going to help, for Filipinos are to be helped upon, just to bring a little hope and spark of light to some, maybe, for I know there will be someone who will save me from my escapade and in turn learn to love what I hated, loathed and even despised! He is coming, I hope He is!